D A V I D     P I J O R ,     M C

David Pijor is a founding member of the Richmond Comedy Coalition and Creative Director at the Coalition Theater in Richmond, VA where he performs, teaches, and coaches improv comedy. In his 10+ years of performing, he has been featured in festivals all over the country and, in 2013, was selected as one of Richmond's "Top 40 Under 40" young professionals. He also has a decent beard (which makes 100% qualified to MC the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Beard and 'Stache Championships).


Crash Young is a Radio Personality/Writer/Comedian/Cinephile. He’s been a fixture of Richmond, and DC radio since 2001. He currently hosts the afternoon drive (weekdays 2-7pm) on 103.7 Play, and he’s pretty good at Facebook.

C W 4     T I M O T H Y     B O E G L E R

Timothy is a CW4 (Chief Warrant Officer 4) in the Army with 25 years of service. He's currently assigned to the Army Air Operations Group in the Military District of Washington as a Standardization Officer and UH72A Lakota pilot. He spent the majority of his Army career as an OH58D Kiowa Warrior Aeroscout Pilot where he served in Iraq from 2007-2008. He has over 5200 flight hours including 1200 combat hours. Originally he is from the Houston, Texas area and has been married to his wife Teresa for coming up on 20 years this June. They have two sons, Nolan and Connor. They currently reside in Woodbridge, VA. "I have no facial hair and am envious of every single one of you."

C H R I S T I N E     E R I C K S O N

Christine Erickson is the List Editor at Mashable's New York headquarters, where she covers web culture and strives to make the most perfectly looped GIF. She joined Mashable in 2011 as an editorial intern. Christine received a B.A. in English, specializing in Media Studies, from Virginia Commonwealth University. She lives in Brooklyn, says "y'all" a lot and has a questionable amount of horses on her desk.

D R .   B R E N T     G A R R Y 

Brent Garry is a geologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center where he studies lava flows and volcanoes on Earth, the Moon and Mars. After spending way to many years in college, he finally graduated and spent several more years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum before joining NASA in 2012. During the year, Brent spends time hiking around Hawaii, New Mexico, Idaho, and/or Iceland documenting lava flows and comparing them them to lunar and martian lava flows. To help NASA’s Desert RATS team prepare for future human exploration, Brent once lived in a prototype lunar rover for two weeks on a simulated moon mission. He has also served as a Participating Scientist on NASA’s Dawn mission to investigate the asteroid Vesta and on Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission. Outside the office, Brent enjoys running, scuba diving, and binging on Netflix.

M I C H A E L     B I S H O P

Michael Bishop is a Richmond musician best known for his work with the shock rock band GWAR, and his own post-punk group Kepone. Bishop started his career as the bassist for GWAR while still in high school, and was the original Beefkake the Mighty. In the mid 90’s Bishop left GWAR to concentrate on his own band, Kepone. Kepone released three records on Chicago based Quarterstick Records and toured the US and Europe extensively before disbanding in 2000. In 2001 Bishop moved to Charlottesville, Virginia where he earned a PhD in Music from the University of Virginia, and taught topics in music history, criticism, and literature. While studying in Charlottesville, Bishop aligned with songstress Sarah White as bassist for her band Sarah White & the Pearls, and worked as the lead singer for soul and country group the Misery Brothers.

Following the death of GWAR lead singer Dave Brockie in March of 2014, Bishop rejoined GWAR as the band’s singer and spiritual leader; the heavily whiskered proto-viking, The Berserker Blöthar Brown. When not touring with GWAR, Bishop works as a writer, plays occasionally with Kepone, works steadily as bassist for Sarah White & the Pearls, and is currently working on music, stage and animation projects with composer and fellow Misery Brother, Joe Adkins.

[ C H E F     M I K E     I S A B E L L A ]

Mike Isabella was ready to judge until he beamed down to Talos V. This is the last known image of him:

S O U N D T R A C K     B Y    R E I N H O L D

Reinhold lives in RVA where he plays out at various events, blending many styles of music. Always looking to create a soundtrack for the night - his mixes are often multi-genre and go from heavy dance to deep relaxation. He's also played up and down the East Coast with PLF bringing their unique vibe to many venues, burn events and festivals on the East Coast. Working extensively within Richmond’s creative community and local nightlife scene he’s also been a major factor in helping produce some of the most influential projects in the city. Being a co-owner and President of local arts and culture publication, RVA Magazine (Rvamag.com) & GAYRVA, and one of the original producers/residents DJs of the weekly circus themed dance party RVAlution for over three years. Check out some of his previous sets at https://soundcloud.com/jreinhold.

Reinhold has dedicated himself to being a progressive factor in every undertaking he involves himself with. He has also has played many innovative art openings, live performances, and festivals such as Richmond’s First Friday at Gallery5 in which PLF shuts down the street for a night to bring Richmond the biggest fire performance event in Virginia. John often enjoys himself most at festivals like Transformus, PDF, RVA Festival, Wicker Man, Nomatic Roots Festival, Camp Barefoot, and PEX Festival where he can really enjoy being with people and playing his style of creative music. In many ways he is highly influenced by the creative art community and burning man pathos, being a fire spinner and supporter of music and live performance art in Richmond and beyond.

Reinhold has headlined and shared the stage with many amazing artist's and production companies: 

Shpongle, RJD2, EOTO, Crizzly, Datsick, Vaski, Bonobo, Ladytron, Bluetech, Vibesquad, Elliot Lipp, Joe Nice, Gents & Jawns, LJ MTX, Dumpstafunk, Designer Drugs, Orchard Lounge, Nosaj Thing, Phutureprimitive, Dave Nada, Will Eastman, NumberNine, Lee Mayjahs (PEX), Niegel Richards, Justin Paul (Playloop), Dj Everyday (PEX), Sonkin, Sonic Spank, Skinny Friedman, Krames, Doddie, Bobby LaBeat, Shugahdaddy / Jmugz (Euphoric Productions) , Depressed Buttons (Mad Decent), RX, Kanizzle, Sequoia, Technicolor Ninja, Ninten3do, all his boys at EQ Produktions - Agent, Phil Dice, Rometti, and Mass Fx. And of course representing his favorite PLF Dj's Mr.Jennings, Nighttime, Dope Solo and Akasha.